Feeling Uninspired…

So I’ve been telling myself, I need to write a blog. But I just haven’t known what to write about. I’ve been feeling a bit uninspired. I thought about writing about our time with family during this COVID-19 quarantine. But really, that just doesn’t feel right…. this time!

I’ve looked at other’s articles and blogs, because I want to be careful not to copy them. But I’m also hoping something sparks my attention and gives me that big idea. I’ve been perusing the Facebook groups and Kidmin pages in an effort to grab some sense of gleam. Surely there is a concept for me to write about.

Well, I came across something last week. And it really inspired me.

I was looking in the Assemblies of God Kidmin Community Facebook group, and I saw something that really grabbed my attention. This young kids pastor had created an easter service online. And his style was incredible. His presence in front of the camera, the energy, the editing, the setting, and the background music all came together to make an incredibly fun video that kids would want to watch. In addition to all this, his message was very poignant. He gave one of the most clear gospel messages I’ve seen in a service in quite some time. The whole thing was so well done.

You’re probably wondering who he is….. Drew Williams out of Albany, Georgia. Here’s a link to his Easter Service. Click Here…

[facebook url=”https://www.facebook.com/kidsatthegroves/videos/250149399358283/” /]
Kids @ the Groves

This got me to thinking. How can we be constantly “inspired?” It is so hard. Week in and week out, as kids pastors, you have to come up with creative ideas, service plans, ways to connect with kids, and now online content to reach families because we are stuck at home.

I even find myself, uninspired spiritually at times. So often, we get so busy doing ministry, that we forget to take time and connect with God. And frankly, if we did this, inspiration would not elude us as easily. But after we have united ourselves with God, there is still more we can do. As I mentioned, I was looking through Facebook and other blogs. It is really important to link up with other like minded Kidmin leaders, and let “Iron sharpen iron.”

For that reason, I love to go to conferences (when we can). Incidentally, KidsMatter’s Mega-Con Online is going on this week! And I love doing the zoom calls with other kids pastors. As a coach, I love pouring into others, but if I’m being honest, I gain so much from those I endeavor to lead. So get out there, spend time with God, and find some friends to build each other up.

And remember… Aim for the mark every time, because if you aim at nothing, you’ll hit it every time! God bless you all!