Motorcycle Ministry

HonorBound MM is a ministry to REACH bikers and motorcyclists with the gospel, to TRAIN Christian motorcyclists in evangelism and discipleship, and to BUILD a network of churches who are enthusiastic about this unusual ministry.

With over nine million bikers in the US, there is an incredible window of opportunity for us – if we are willing to move out of our comfort zones and embrace bikers and motorcyclists in our communities.

Royal Family Foundation

Woman’s Ministry

Royal Family Foundation is a DBA formed under The Mark Ministries. It’s focus is on women knowing their worth as a priceless princess and true heir to God’s kingdom. We help woman to have a daily relationship with their Heavenly Father, allowing women to walk with God everyday. Our ministry includes bible giveaways, discipling, coaching, educating & bible studies.

“Remember whose child you are and straighten your crown.”


Coaching is a one-on-one ministry encouragement where we evaluate the leader and his/her surroundings and goals. We set a plan in place to meet the intended Mark over a 6 month period.

  • Church Ministers
  • Kids/Children’s Ministry (Kidmin)


Consulting is an opportunity to have your organization evaluated, set goals for the organization, and make a plan to reach the Mark. This is specific to programing, not just the leader.

  • Churches
  • Organizations


We love being part of your training event. Allow Jeff to join your team, in person or virtually by video conference, to help them reach the Mark you have set!

  • Ministry Workshops
  • Training Seminars
  • Team Trainings


Fun, energetic programs that will lift up the spirits of children and their entire family. From evangelistic programs to Holy Spirit encounters -we want families to hit the Mark that God has for them.

  • Bible Camps
  • Kids Outreach Events

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