Honorbound Motorcycle Ministries of South Dakota

Ministry to Bikers

Honorbound Motorcycle Ministries is the nationally recognized Motorcycle Ministry of the Assemblies of God.

With over nine million bikers in the United States, there is an incredible window of opportunity for us… IF we are willing to move out of our comfort zone and embrace the biker and motorcyclists in our communities. By developing a heart for this overlooked group, we can REACH bikers and motorcyclists with the gospel, TRAIN Christian motorcyclists in evangelism and discipleship, and BUILDa network of churches who are enthusiastic about this unusual ministry

We know that without acceptance and a nurturing church connection, new believers may not develop spiritual maturity.  To combat this, AG US Missions Motorcycle Chaplains and HonorBound Motorcycle Ministries are committed to helping you take the next step in developing a ministry strategy for reaching motorcycle enthusiasts everywhere.

This is a predominant thought throughout the biker community that says…

“There is 1% of the population that no one wants except Motorcycle Clubs…”


We know that Jesus loves and wants 100% of the people in society!

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Pictures are from ministry in Sturgis, Sioux Falls, or Daytona.

Jeffrey learned to ride motorcycle at the age of 32 years old in 2005.  It quickly became a passion, and an opportunity to de-stress from the cares of this world.  We call riding motorcycle “Wind Therapy” for a reason.  There is nothing like getting out on the open road, letting with wind hit your face, and taking time to think, pray, and worship.

In 2020, Jeffrey became a member of the Honorbound Motorcycle Ministry.

This ministry spends time with bikers in the local community, building relationships, praying for people, lending an ear, sharing Jesus, and Blessing Bikes & Bikers.  We give away water, Book of Hope: Road Edition, and other gifts as available.

While this ministry is an international ministry, in South Dakota, our primary biker event is the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally & Races held each year in August.  This event is set in the beautiful Black Hills of western South Dakota.  Bikers come from around the country (and even the globe) to be part of this giant event.  People who attend rallies are desperately looking for a place to belong, and for a way to break free in life.  By serving them with free water, bike blessings, bike washes, ministry to women, and so much more, we are given the opportunity to share the love of Jesus with them.  And in this they can find TRUE breakthrough.

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