Finding Hope: a bloggers review

As a Kids Pastor who was also a theatre minor in college, reading through this Christmas musical was a delight. Finding Hope, written by Trisha Peach, from, is a wonderful musical based on a the parable of the Prodigal Son mixed with a hint of Finding Nemo (beloved animated movie).

What a fun story where Finn, the son of the Sea Governor, takes a valuable Gracestone, the centerpiece of the underwater kingdom. He uses this stone to try to enjoy the world around him without the concern of what is right and wrong. But it get’s him in trouble, and he loses the stone, unable to get it back for his dad. But like father who kept watch for his son to return, the Sea Governor takes an adventure of his own, all in an effort to bring his son home. And he even finds the Gracestone in the process. All this, while using traditional Christmas Carols as a backdrop.

Trish’s concepts for the story are great, but beyond that, the script and musical instructions to making this happen, are so thorough. The book includes sample scripts for auditions, detailed ideas for make-up, and set design ideas. She is quick to give ideas on how to do all of this in an inexpensive way. And the best part, it comes with ideas on how to do this as a virtual event, and even with virtual rehearsal amid the uncertainties of COVID-19. While reading the script, I began having ideas on how to make this into a video venture for your church to produce and use as a virtual outreach.

One of the best parts of this musical is that the music is designed to be used completely copyright free. However, it is adaptable to use modern versions and recordings of the music. Just be sure you have the appropriate permissions to have children perform this music, especially if you make a video version of it with your kids.

In a nutshell, I think that Trish’s ideas are brilliant, and this musical is a fun way to present the Gospel this Christmas with music and quirky fish and sea creatures. I hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I did.