Online Kidmin Resources

The other day I wrote a Blog regarding the idea of never going back on the idea of reaching children using the tools of internet and online interaction. I’ve been looking at the many resources that have been put out. Some awesome things are going on in churches all over the world right now. There are denominational websites with great resources, as well as individual personal ministries with tools to help, and many churches who have used their own ideas in making it possible to reach children who are not in the building.

First let’s look at denominational resources: (click the name for the link)
Assemblies of God
North American Lutheran Church
United Methodist Church
There are so many more out there as well… these are just a few!

Several personal ministries have opted to give you several options for streaming or making videos for your kids ministries. Be sure to read through their copyright information as to make sure you are staying on the up and up. (click on the name of ministry for the link)
High Voltage Kids Ministry Curriculum
High Voltage Kids Online Service
Yancy Ministries – Worship Videos – (Copyright info)
Seeds Family Worship
Life Church – Pastor Craig Groeschel

Again, just to name a few. There are many more out there.

I highly recommend looking at some of these churches and the way they are doing ministry. They are creating some valuable resources in house. And you can easily do the same.
Sioux Falls First
Arise Kids
Vital Kids
Mason Assembly of God
El Tabernaulo/Tab Church
Winston Salem First
Evangel Bismark/eKids
Grace Point/GPKids

There are so many groups doing things on many levels. There is a plan for you too. Look at these and see what you can come up with.

Thanks for reading… and remember to aim for the Mark, because if you aim at nothing, you’ll hit it every time!