Take Some Time

So….. those are my wife’s hands in the picture above. She is an artist! I mean, I mean like a real artist. She draws, paints, sculpts, decorates cakes, and so much more. But she understands the value of taking some time.

Stephanie and my son, Gabe!

In fact, tonight, she is taking time with our oldest son, Gabe. And they are simply coloring.

My house is very quiet right now. My younger boys are in their virtual youth groups. Each in his own room, practicing social distancing with their life group friends and leaders. So the “grown-ups” are sitting here. It’s peaceful. It’s calming. We worshipped a bit earlier while boys were having worship with the church’s live stream.

I guess, what I want to say is…

Take some time for yourself. Get quiet. Relax. Soak in God’s presence!

This is such an important part of life. Just like my son is taking some quiet time with his mother (parent), God,our father, is longing for us to take time with Him. This is the single most important thing in our life.

When we get busy, caught up in our daily lives, we find ourselves missing time with God. And when we miss this time, we will dry up.

I’m reminded of Ezekiel 37 and the Valley of Dry Bones. The Lord told Ezekiel the bones would come to life as an army. But why were there bones in the first place? Ezekiel lived in a time when the kingdoms were dispersed. God chose to disperse them because they had fallen away and forgotten their first love.

We as kidmin leaders can do that so easily if we are not careful. We can get caught up with the business of ministry, and forget our first love. Take some time to keep Him your first love. And then minister out of your overflow.

And Remember – keep aiming at the Mark, because if we aim at nothing, we’ll hit it every time!